Tree Pruning

Pruning is one of the most effective tools to help maintain a healthy tree and keep it structurally sound and desirable.

Trees do have ways to take care of themselves.  They can shed unnecessary branches, fight off infection and are capable of healing their wounds.  It is when they grow in the urban environment that human intervention can make the trees natural practices more effective and ensure that the tree is healthy, safe and structured in unison with all elements of our urban environment, especially the people who live there. 

Pruning trees is actually best practiced in the winter while they are dormant, causing them less stress.  However the most important part of pruning is using proper technique and therefore proper pruning can be executed at minimal risk to the tree any time of year.  Proper pruning in most cases does not require a permit.

The price of pruning a tree can vary.  Every tree is different with a wide range of factors contributing to cost including not just the size and state of the tree but the elements surrounding it.  We will begin pricing every job with an on-site visit to make a fully comprehensive assessment and provide a cost effective quote to match our client”s desired outcomes and expectations.

Let us tell you how your tree can benefit from a prune.


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