Tree Care Services

We pride ourselves on quality service!

At Tandem Tree Service we take great pride in the services we offer and always aim to provide our clients with the knowledge and information they need to make informed decisions regarding their trees. We do this by starting with an on site visit to provide a fully comprehensive assessment and a cost effective quote. We truly appreciate you having us to your property and always strive for the complete satisfaction of our client

Tree pruning

Pruning is one of the most effective tools to help maintain a healthy tree and keep it structurally sound and desirable.

Trees do have ways to take care of themselves. They can shed unnecessary branches, fight off infection and are capable of healing their wounds. It is when they grow in the urban environment that human intervention can make the trees natural practices more effective and ensure that the tree is healthy, safe and structured in unison with all elements of our urban environment, especially the people who live there.

Pruning trees is actually best practiced in the winter while they are dormant, causing them less stress. However the most important part of pruning is using proper technique and therefore proper pruning can be executed at minimal risk to the tree any time of year. Proper pruning in most cases does not require a permit.

The price of pruning a tree can vary. Every tree is different with a wide range of factors contributing to cost including not just the size and state of the tree but the elements surrounding it. We will begin pricing every job with an on-site visit to make a fully comprehensive assessment and provide a cost effective quote to match our client”s desired outcomes and expectations.

Let us tell you how your tree can benefit from a prune.

Tree removal

Trees provide countless benefits to people, property and the environment.  We always hope to save as many trees as possible, but removal is a part of trees’ natural life cycles and is sometimes necessary in achieving various outcomes in our urban environment.  Removing a tree should always be considered in a responsible manner.  

The price of a removal can vary.  Every tree is different with a wide range of factors contributing to cost including not just the size and state of the tree but the elements surrounding it (like buildings and other trees) and site barriers to the work zone (like distance to the chipper).  We will begin pricing every job with an on-site visit to make a fully comprehensive assessment and provide a cost effective quote to match our client”s desired outcomes and expectations.

Tree By-Laws vary depending on Municipality and many places are moving towards permit requirements for tree removal.  It is best to check your Municipalities by-laws or contact us for further information.

We can help you remove your tree safely.


Hedges and Shrubs are best maintained on a regular basis. These plants are elements of a landscape that are often intended to have a specific purpose, whether that be holding the focal point of a garden or providing privacy and security along a property line.

By maintaining hedges and shrubs at least once a year you can help to maintain their desired size and shapes. Letting them grow unchecked for too long may limit the size and shape that they can be pruned back to, this is especially true for some species more than others.

Let us know what you would like your Hedge and Shrubs to do for your property.

Stump Grinding

When removing a tree we will provide a price to take down the part of the tree growing above the ground, leaving it cut close to ground level.  This leaves the stump where the tree trunk meets the roots of the tree below the ground. We will provide a second price to grind the stump in order to clear the area, making way for things like another tree to be planted, a structure or patio to be built, or laying sod to unify a grassy area. The price is dependent on the size of the stump and access to the stump area.  Stump grinders are large, cumbersome machines and may not be able to reach all stump locations. 

Stump grinding is not always necessary, some people are okay to leave a stump as part of the landscape allowing it to decay over time, maybe putting a planter on top to give the stump new purpose or allowing ground covering plants to grow over it.   

If you are having your stump ground by us, you can expect to be left with a mound of the grindings (like a tossed bowl of salad) which will settle over time or can be easily distributed as garden mix.

We can help you decide if stump grinding is necessary for your situation.


There are all kinds of reasons for a property assessment. Whether it’s a new property that you would like to learn more about, and old property that may need to be brought back in shape, or a site that needs prepping for a new or future project. We can help you understand the plant based landscape of your property and work to develop a plan to execute whatever endeavor might be at hand.

Let us help you get to know your trees and what they might need.

Storm Damage

The weather is always changing and can produce extreme circumstances at any time.  Wind, Ice and heavy rain are all factors in tree failure.  

If you have a tree that has been damaged in a weather event, we can help.  Storms can leave trees in very unique and precarious circumstances and we have the knowledge and experience to help make your trees and property safe and clean again.  

If you find your tree damaged or jeopardized in a dangerous state, please stay clear of the area and seek professional assistance immediately. 

Call us at any time if you have a tree emergency! 

OR Call now to have us help minimize the risk to your tree even before the unexpected happens.


There are libraries full of information on maintaining healthy trees and plants. Topics include the soils from which trees grow, the sun from which they gain nutrients and bugs that make homes feeding on the trees. We can help you understand what your tree is going through and put your tree on the fast track to good health, quickly figuring out what it needs or maybe what it could do without.

In many cases, an older or struggling tree can benefit greatly from a simple fertilization, returning nutrients to the soil and improving soil structure.

Ask us what Health Care plan is best for your trees.


An Arborist Report is often required by many municipalities when removing a tree or developing a site for a construction project.  Protecting trees should be of priority for every one in a time when our urban landscapes are rapidly expanding. Before damaging or destroying a tree, it is important to have the opinion of a professional along with professional help in developing a plan for tree protection and re-population.  Tree by-laws are in place for the future well being of our communities and we are happy to abide and help guide our clients through the process of dealing with their trees professionally and responsibly.

Contact us to find out if your removal or project requires an Arborist Report.    


Cables and Braces are tools used to reduce the risk of tree failure and prolong the life and stability of a tree that exhibits structural traits that are less than ideal.  

They are tools best used in preventative practice before any structural traits or tree defects become hazardous.  They should not be used to fix a hazardous defect or hold a failing tree together.  

Every tree is unique and should be considered for Bracing on a case by case basis, taking into account a variety of factors.  If a bracing system is installed, the system and tree should be monitored and inspected regularly to ensure the continued safety and stability of each.  

These systems should also be preceded by a Structural Prune to alleviate and mitigate the risks associated with the structural traits in question.

We will let you know if your tree is a candidate for Bracing.