Tandem Tree Service is Owned and Operated by Luke O’Brien and Noah Perry.  The duo has been a team for nearly 10 years now, executing a variety of successful recreational ventures together before embarking on their professional journey in Tandem.

Luke has always loved climbing, especially trees, and after some searching he found the job that would let him climb every day.  He became a practicing Arborist in 2009 when he started his Apprenticeship through Humber College. He graduated in 2011, becoming an Ontario Qualified Arborist and achieving his ISA Certification shortly after.  He has become proficient in professional tree climbing, as well as aerial lift and crane assisted practices, plant health care and other facets of the Arboriculture industry.

Noah has always had a passion for the outdoors and working with people.  After a long career of managing business operations from an office, Tandem Tree Service has allowed him to fully realize his pursuit of an active outdoor lifestyle combined with running his own business. Noah graduated with a diploma in business operations management from Durham College in 2003 and quickly pursued his bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Western Sydney, graduating in 2004.

The pair have cultivated the ideal combination of technical ability, business savvy and teamwork to culminate in the thriving venture that is Tandem Tree Service.